Friday, August 27, 2010

Urban Decay FINALLY has Primer Potion in a squeeze tube! (LE)

It only took them like 5 freakin' years but Urban Decay finally has their infamous Primer Potion in a jumbo squeeze tube! The sad thing is that its Limited Edition. I don't get why they wouldn't make it permanent since everyone hates the bottle version (you have to cut it open to get all the product out). Oh well. Get it while you can. Its $29 at Sephora for a 0.85 oz tube vs $18 for the original 0.34 oz bottle.

If you have no idea what this is, UDPP is an eyeshadow primer that is great for those with oily eyelids or those needing their eye makeup to last all day. Its also great for making your eyeshadow more vibrant.

If I didn't have an almost full bottle of UDPP plus 2 ELF primers (comparable to UDPP for way cheaper) I would be all over this. It would be sitting around for a really long time though and I don't have the money to waste. *sigh*