Monday, June 22, 2009

The perfect underwear for sheer skirts

No one likes having their underwear show through their sheer or white skirts, and not everyone likes wearing thongs, so I've been on the search for something to wear underneath my summer skirts. I think I found a winner from Hanes.

The Hanes Women's TAGLESS® Chiffon Nylon Bikinis comes in a two pack with different colors (the nude color comes with a black). The nude is invisible, even under my white skirts. Its very stretchy and doesn't move around at all when you walk. The material is really soft and thin, but it doesn't feel fragile. They are suppose to be hand washed, which is really easy to do. They are really comfortable too. When you take them out of the package they look like they'd only fit a five year old, but they stretch and fit just fine.

Buy them online from Hanes or at Target for $8.

They feel like they're barely there. Fit like a second skin. And look super-smooth under clothes. That's why you'll count on these Hanes Women's Panties for ultimate all-day ease. And they won't ride's our Comfort Fit Promise.

•Whisper-sheer fabric stretches four ways for freedom at every turn.
•Tag-free design helps assure itch-free comfort.
•Flirty bikini styling makes the most of your curves.
•No Ride Up leg bands means wedgie-free days ahead...and no panty lines.

this skirt is from Walmart, $10


Breana said...

Great tip on these... haven't tried them... but I will look. Hey, have you ever looked at before to inventory and keep track of all of your clothes?

Katrina said...

I've never heard of that website before but I will check it out and play a bit. It looks cool.

Ai said...

perfect tip! thank you! yea having underwears shown is a total blah! :D

Askmewhats said...

woooh that is a great tip! :) thanks! I hate it when underwear shows up on skirts!!!