Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NYX glitter nail polish haul swatches

Here are the swatches of my glitter polishes I got from NYX last week. These are from the regular NYX Girls line, not the NYX Girls Glitter line (they have the same bottle).

I am going to get swatches of all my NYX Round Lipglosses out very soon. Remeber these are 50% at until May 15th.

CN217 Hot Pink Glitter - 3 coats (brighter pink irl)

CN219 Candy Glitter - 2 coats

CN212 Aqua Glitter - 2 coats

CN211 Disco Ball - 1 coat

I added the NYX Glitter Mania (also called Disco Ball) because the nail polish didn't have nearly as much glitter as you see in the swatch.

CN214 Show Girl - 2 coats. This originally was a very sheer black with not as much glitter, but I added WnW's Black Cream nail polish and the NYX Disco Ball glitter (seen above).


Mary said...

Thanks for the pics. I'm formulating an order now and this helps me figure out what I want. Great pics!

Askmewhats said...

wow, I never imagine glittery polishes are that pretty !!!! I've always worn them with something else!

LucĂ­a said...

I love them!!!

Lucy said...

I also ordered some polishes. I haven't gotten them yet. I think I ordered a bunch of glitters. They will look nice layered like you've done. Very pretty nails.

Juu said...

Hi! I'm Juliana webmaster from,
I love polishes and your blog is greaaat! *-*
I take a picture about a pink nails ok?
But of course I offer the credits for u ;)
Kisses (:
see ya

And sorry about my english, is sooooo bad, I'm Brazilian :x

Katrina said...

Sure Juliana, thats fine. Thank you for asking.

buy viagra said...

Oh I really like all the NYX nail polishes! The colours are so original, and the shinny effect is pretty cool! I want to have all of them! :D

Anonymous said...

cool nails polishes!

Miss LV said...

I love these colours! Wish I could find them in the UK, been desperate for hot pink and show girl :(

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