Monday, January 5, 2009

Cheap but fabulous Wall Art! (as in bedroom decorations)

This time last year I bought this lovely Paris themed calendar, and this week I was getting kind of sad because its time to get a new one but I didn't want to just chuck my pretty but now useless calendar in the trash. Then I realized that I could just put my favorite picture from the calendar on the walls. I was going to go to the World Market (a store that has exotic furnature/jewelry/art/etc) and get some pretty pictures for my room since I've outgrown my Orlando Bloom & LOTR posters, but thats kind of expensive for me right after Christmas. This way is so cheap, around New Years there are calendars everywhere and at places like Target there are a lot of options for just $1.

So here is my old calendar:

& here is my pretty wall

Also I got some 25 foot white-stringed Christmas lights (75% off at Target, $1.25) to put up in my bedroom. It kind of gives my room a more chic & relaxing vibe.

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Emma said...

I've done that with calenders before, but you're paris one looks really pretty!