Monday, November 3, 2008

Forever 21 Haul

Ahhh! I haven't bought clothes in a few months (not that thats a bad thing) but Forever 21 finally got some cute stuff in stock so I made an order last week. I'm going to the mall tomorrow to get more of the sweaters and tanks!

$12 I got this shirt in white a few months ago and I had to get the green too.

$12 I am getting this in more colors, the black isn't sheer like it looks here. I also think I'm going to get my sister and neice one of these for Christmas.

$13 So soft and comfy! I wish they had more then just the charcoal and navy.

$12 Another comfy shirt. Very cute and perfect for fall weather.

These tanks are only $2.80 and there are like 20 colors. I got white, cream, and black. I'll probably get some green, yellow, and berry colors. They are really soft, not too thin, and seem to be good quality despite the cheap price.

Look at these shoes! They were $20 and I am too afraid to wear them because I'm sure they'll stain but they are so pretty! I just wish the heel was an inch shorter. 4' is to high for me.


Emma said...

Great Haul! I love the shoes so much! and those sweaters do look comfy!

Katrina said...


Vanessa M. said...

i love those yellow shoes!!!

Tammy said...

The black and blue sweaters are so cute!! I buy heels all the time because they're cute and I never end up wearing