Monday, October 6, 2008

Haul: POSH & Halloween False Lashes

At Longs this week they have 25% off all brushes (including POSH & Eco Tools) and all false lashes. Right now they have a TON of adorable Halloween lashes. I wanted to get so many!

I got the POSH kabuki brush. It is reg. $12.99 but was $9.74 on sale. They also had other face brushes, the mini foundation & eye brushes travel set, and a big set with the full size Powder, Foundation, Angled Blush, Eye, Small Kabuki, and a red round cosmetic case. I don't know how much it was because the price wasn't listed on the box or shelf.

Also I got these adorable lashes. I'm going to use them in a Cheetah look (the youtube tutorial will probably come out this week). They had a bunch of other ones, I wanted them all but only got one because again the price wasn't listed. On sale it came out to $4.42 so I'm guessing full price these were around $6.


Vanessa M. said...

hows that brush workin out? love those lashes! cant await to see em on you!

Sanna said...

wow I love the lashes!

archellebaker said...

I have that brush, it's great! So soft.