Thursday, September 11, 2008

September Hauls; Avon, WnW, Target, & Coastal Scents

I haven't done any major hauling in months, so this week was fun for me! I got two things from Avon, some stuff from the dollar section in Target, and a small Coastal Scents order. Reviews on most of this stuff will come too.

Avon: Magix Face Perfector (primer) & they were suppose to send a lipliner but they sent a eyeliner. Oh well.

All of this from the dollar section at Target, except the WnW liquid liner which I am loving.

I am giving these to my neices at Christmas. Yes, I am already Christmas shopping in September. Its never too soon to start. Anyhow these are lotions with glitter in them. Fun!

Oh Lord, I used the vanilla bath salts in the bath last night, it smells sooooooo gooooooood! Can't wait to try the strawberry. These were going to be Christmas gifts to, but I am keeping them and will probably buy back ups.

Isn't the headband adorable? The scrunchy backs came in a pack of 6, I'm wearing two silver ones right now.

Coastal Scents: Empty 15 well palette and the blending & crease brush.

The C200 is "suppose" to be the MAC 224 dupe. Idk if it is but its pretty soft. More on these once I've used them a bit. BTW you can also get these at (which is where CS gets them)

I was surprised at how small this is. It looks bigger in the videos I've seen.

Now I have the palette, but nothing with which to press my poor e/s with!


Vanessa said...

OOH! I got the AVON Face Perfector too, I am not fond of the smell, but it's a decent primer! Reese Witherspoon can sell me anything! LOL

Anonymous said...

You can use alcohol to press you e/s. Unless you don't have alcohol?? Everyone has it... no? lol ...

iamgrape1119 said...

You are SOOOOO CUTE!!! OMG! Squish!

Katrina said...

Vanessa: I don't really like the smell either, but at least it doesn't last long. Reese could sell me anything too, lol.

Anonymous: Just alcohol works on MAC pigments, but I think most mineral pigments need a binder like glycerin, which I haven't found at a store yet.

iamgrape: Squish back at you, lol!

Alyssa said...

You're so adorable and have a cute voice! :)

Connie said...

Those glitter lotions look so yummy! and only a dollar?! makes me really bummed that we don't gave Target here. I just got those two coastalscents brushes too. They're pretty decent! I prefer the black one because I have a teeny crease.