Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guess where I went shopping?

Uh huh, I got me some Forever 21.

$5 this is actually all black, flash washed it out
$13 this is dark blue/black
$11 I love this dress, it looks better on me in real life
These two dresser were $12 but I think I'm going to return them. They are shorter then I like and the top V goes way too low on my chest, and I have a bit of trouble filling it out so it like comes open. I don't want to have to worry about everyone seeing my bra when I wear these so its not practical to keep them. (at least thats what I'm telling myself)


Lily said...

i have those v neck dresses too. i cut an extra hole on top so i can button one more button so the v isn't as deep.

Katrina said...

Ooo thats a good idea, I should try that. Thanks Lily!