Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Review: Studio Tools Brushes

Quality: 4.5 out of 5
Packaging: 4 out of 5
Price: $1.99 - $7.99
Where to buy: Target

Blush Brush, 2 out of 5
Not the greatest brush in the belt I'm afraid. I've had quite a bit of shedding with it. I don't like how its shaped, the shortest end of the bristles kind of come to a blunt end, so it forms a weird ring around the longer bristles and just feels strange on your face. On nice brushes the shorted outside bristles are blending into the longer ones, makeing application smoother... I hope that made sense. Its softer then the ELF blush brush, but it doesn't make me want to cuddle with it like my Sonia Kashuk blush brush. I'd just spend a few more dollars and get that one instead of this. If I thought Target would let me take it back I would have. Cost $5.99.

Large Eye Shadow Brush, 5 out of 5
Great brush, I love using it to apply highlighters to the brow bone. Very soft, no shedding. Cheap alternative to some of the HE brand large e/s brushes. Cost about $2.

Medium Eye Shadow Brush, 5 out of 5
I use this brush daily, its great for applying eye shadow. I don't usually have a problem with fallout or anything. Its very soft with no shedding. Cost about $2.

Smudge Brush, 5 out of 5
This brush is wide and flat, its not the usual shape that most smudge brushes come in but I like it a lot. I use it on the top edges of my eye shadow and it blends really well so I don't have harsh lines. Its also good for applying eye shadow below the bottom lashes. Bristles are firm but soft, with no shedding. Cost about $2.

Also available are the powder brush, foundation brush, concealer brush (this is really soft, I've groped it a few times), kabuki brush, foamed smudge brush, foundation sponges, eye shadow sponge applicators (24 pack), and more. I gave packaging only a 4 because the black paint has chipped at the bottoms of the brushes, but its no big deal. I think this brand is really nice, if they added a few more brushes to the line it would be perfect. I've seen this brand at all of the Targets close to me, so it should be pretty easy to get.


Lily said...

i think target will let you take it back... they should... you don't even have to have a receipt if it's under $20.

Katrina said...

Really? I thought they had a really strick return policy?

Sofee said...

where did u get that smudge brush??

Sofee said...

never mind I saw u got them at target